RSG: We energize electronics!

The story of success of passionate electronic engineers.

RSG Electronic Components GmbH (“RSG”) has been developing and distributing high-quality power supplies and converters for over 25years and is uniquely positioned to meet most of its customers’ needs in the power supply market.

RSG is based in Offenbach, Germany. Founded in 1988 as a whole-selling company for passive structural elements and power supply devices, RSG quickly expanded its range of products according to the increasing various demand of its customers. As a result RSG started investing in its capabilities to develop customer specific power supply solutions in the range up to (modular) 100 kW.

Since 2013 RSG is part of the Acal Group, a leading supplier of customised industrial electronics.

The development and distribution of power supplies and DC/DC converters will continues to be a focus for RSG. RSG’s in-house design and manufacturing expertise makes the company a preferred design partner for its customers. RSG consults customers on product specifications, latest regulations and adaptation of developed products to the application.

RSG also continues to focus on distribution of high-quality products from select manufacturers as its customers value RSG’s expertise in the procurement process. Some of RSG’s suppliers include P-DUKE, TDK-LAMBDA, COSEL, MORNSUN or STATEK.